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Tips to Follow When Buying Spinning Reels

Tips to Follow When Buying Spinning Reels

Tips to Follow When Buying Spinning Reels
April 24
10:29 2017

Fishing is a favourite pastime of many people. When many prefer different types of reels for their fishing rod, the spinning reel is the first priority of many people. Because of its ease of use and other benefits the spinning reels have become popular nowadays. You will find different types of spinning reels at the market but not all of them will work for you. When buying spinning reel you should not only make sure that the reel is working perfectly but also it is of the right size. Fishing nets with larger equipment will not work when catching small fish. To find out which spinning reel can serve your purpose rightly you can take help of the Spinning Reel Advisor. Here are some tips to help you buy a good spinning reel.


  1. Buy spinning reel that matches with your fishing rod. You can know it from the packaging of the spinning reel or in the product description section when buying online. You will find that the reel is available in four different types, the ultra light reels, the light reels, the medium spinning reels and the heavy reel. Choose one that matches with the weight, size and shape of your fishing rod. Also, remember which type of fish you want to catch with that fishing rod. For instance, if you want to catch small fish the ultra light spinning reel will be the best choice. But you need the heavy spinning reels if the fishes are bigger in size. You will also find the fishing rods and spinning reels sold in a set. As they are sold combinedly you won’t have to worry about matching them. But it is better to purchase them separately as the combination sets are not made from good materials. So, if you buy two separately, you can have better one according to your choice.


  1. For a better experience, you should also make sure that the number of Ball Bearing is good enough. The more the number of the ball bearing the less the play in the crank of the spinning reel. If you like fishing in the flowing waters, the number of the ball bearing is an important factor to focus on. If you want your handle to turn immediately even in the running water, you should use reels with at least six ball bearings. It will make sure that no ‘play’ is there with the fishing rod.


  1. We don’t buy a spinning reel for using it once. So, you need to maintain the spinning reel properly to make sure it last longer. Before starting the fishing season you should clean your reels every time. It will make sure your reel will be in a good state even after a lot of use. You may think the cleaning process is difficult but it is not the case. These processes are very easy to follow and if you follow them your reel will last for many years. You will find the process on youtube and can even google it to know about the instructions.


I hope this article will help you not only to find the best spinning reel but also to maintain them properly. When buying spinning reels you must remember these facts and purchase wisely. You are not going to buy these every year. So, when buying spinning reels it is better to have one that goes perfectly according to your needs. Also, make sure you take proper care of your fishing equipment.

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