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Communicate with your Parrot

Communicate with your Parrot

Communicate with your Parrot
April 15
14:36 2017

Parrots are different from other pet birds. They need time to get along. You need to be patient for putting a parrot. Not everyone can be a parrot person as they have different behavior. They remain mostly on their own. It is you who will have to make the bird comfortable and deal in a right way. If you don’t pay much attention it will be on its own; it won’t listen to you. So it will be hard for you to handle your pet anyway. Again, over pampering will cost you much trouble. How to groom your parrot is one of the most frequently asked questions among the bird owners. That is why from the beginning you need to make the proper approach, spend time with your parrot. Parrots are not a verbal communicator, most of the time they choose the nonverbal ways to communicate like body language etc. Some parrots might sound like they are talking but they only just copy the person they listened for a long time. They cannot talk and it cannot be used for communication. For a human, it becomes difficult to understand what his/her bird wants to express. We human are mostly depended on verbal language, tone, and expression. But the bird has a very few facial expression. That is why you need to take the step of making a good communication system with your bird.

Parrots don’t care about any stranger even it feeds him/her properly, reward him/her, etc. Parrots will only react when they care for you. Your behavior might affect them largely when you have a good bond with your parrots. That is why you need to take the initiative. Well, you cannot make your bird speak human language but with training, you can teach them to express their needs and feelings sometimes. You need to identify what kinds of sound draws its attention. Do not make too harsh voice or do not threaten them. It will make them more ignorant. Parrots are sensitive and some specific parrots live with their dignity. You can use the familiar tone again and again with it, call out its name. It will certainly respond after some time. Not because it understands that it has a name, just because it will get habituated with a sound and it will know it should respond to the person who cares. You can teach them about things by pointing the things and commanding it together. Gradually they will learn what you want to express. A quality time strengthens the bonds. So you can talk to them about things by repeating the words. Make it feel special by giving rewards and use a specific word each time. So it will remember the process. And every time it is given the same command it will perform the task to get the reward. The reward should be something that is liked by the parrot. Gradually doing this frequently will make your communication good with the beloved bird.

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