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Burmese Pythons Enclosure Systems

Burmese Pythons Enclosure Systems

Burmese Pythons Enclosure Systems
May 04
11:43 2017

The Burmese pythons are by no means large snakes, and they should not be the very first giant constrictor for anyone. Only the experienced keepers should consider having these massive beasts as they have the best knowledge about the best Burmese python enclosure. They thus require huge expensive cages as well as quite expensive care. You should be sure that you understand whatever it is that you are getting into.

These pythons need temperatures in the mid 80’s during daytime and low 80’s at night. A hot spot should also be provided at around 95 degrees. The best heating method to use for large areas is using the heat tape. The under tank heaters are often good but are more expensive as you would require a few more to make the equivalent of whatever is needed for the hot spot in the larger cages that is about 8 feet in length. Heat lamps are also quite resourceful and especially in the maintenance of ambient temperatures although this could affect proper maintenance of the required humidity. But you should also ensure that you provide a cool area so that the snake can go cool down.

Tightly sealed Burmese Pythons enclosures with only a small vent ought to hold the required amount of humidity if at all a water bowl is also provided. The ultimate humidities for a Python ought to range from50-60% and 70-80% for shedding. Also, misting the tank on a daily basis also helps maintain humidity levels. Putting sphagnum moss patches can as well be of help. These pythons do not require and nor are they benefited by the use of UVB lighting.
As it is with all the pets, these pythons ought to have access to fresh water always in their cages. The water bowl should be large as well as sturdy so that the enormous snake does not spill it quickly. The water in the cage should also be changed twice every week.

Their large size and rapid growth also translate that they do require a lot of food. As babies, you can feed them with well-sized rats or mice once or twice a week. As they grow, the better food option would be rabbits. And it can be done weekly, monthly or after a fort night. Prekilled frozen rabbits are the best meal option.

Inclusion Body Disease is a virus that is very dangerous to the pythons. It may also be exposed to external parasites such as ticks and mites. You require treating their cages with some commercial treatments to ensure that they remain healthy. Also, checking for mouth rot should be done after every six months, and if you see signs of the disease, then immediate treatment is necessary.

If you think that you cannot handle a large constrictor, then don’t get one. An irresponsible owner who lets the snake escape releases it or, God forbid, gets killed by the python causes a huge hit to the reptile industry. Therefore you should be a responsible owner, and you are required to do enough research about the best Burmese python enclosure systems as well as their care before buying one.

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