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Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Buy New Home

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Buy New Home

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Buy New Home
June 05
16:07 2017

There are various options for buying and selling homes these days. For selling, you may choose a ‘We Buy Houses company or other options. However, for buying, a real estate agent will come in handy. You cannot have the experience and skills an agent has. I will write here about the advantages you can get by hiring a real estate agent.

Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Here are some benefits you will get by hiring a real estate agent for buying a new home.

Expertise and Knowledge about Local Market

It is part of the job of a real estate agent to have knowledge about the real estate market, which ordinary buyers may not have. It is not possible for you to know everything about the inventory or the winning against the other bidders. A real estate agent will be able to counsel you on these topics. You will have better chances of getting your offer accepted at a favorable price, as the agent knows the market intimately.

Access to a Home

You are an unlicensed stranger to a seller. However, your agent is not. Therefore, the seller will allow your agent to have the code to their lockbox, and you can tour the home with him/her. This way, you can have access and privacy.

On the other hand, if you try to visit the home without an agent, you will not have total access to the home. Either the seller or the seller’s agent will need to be present in such cases. This will be difficult and time-consuming.

Advocate and Negotiator

An experienced agent will work as an advocate and as a negotiator for you. He/she will have your best interests in mind. You may make a bad decision during transaction, if your judgment is clouded by emotion. An agent has a more rational and experienced eye. Therefore, he/she will be able to keep you from making a bad decision by helping you understand your options. He/she will also help you to get the best possible deal by advocating for you at the negotiation table.


When buying a home, you will need help from various professionals, like a real estate lawyer, an inspector, and a lender. A real estate agent will have connections with such professionals, and he/she can get the right fit for you. Similarly, he/she can recommend you plumbers, general contractors, handymen, floorers, painters, etc.

No Additional Cost Needed

You do not actually save money by not hiring a real estate agent. You can actually have an agent on the buy-side for free. The seller will pay his/her broker the commission on a home purchase. Then, the seller’s broker will give part of the commission to the buyer’s broker. You should also know that if you do not use an agent, you will not have their part of the commission.

These benefits should convince you to hire a real estate agent while buying a home.

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