Grote Rod Shop


Greetings citizen! Welcome to the outer ring of Uranus – home of the Grote Rod Shop.  Well, not really a hot rod shop, but a few clowns (mainly Aaron Grote) who enjoy writing 60’s style freakaziod hot news in the universe after work. Looking for some additional information and update for your service or business? You’re probably out of luck, but come hang out if you like. Just bring the beer!  Ha Ha Ha! You landed on the right place.

Better yet, join the growing media who have opted for the Uranus Lifestyle – updated with one of our trendy platform! These website provide biggest update and news about in fashion, culture, business and so on topics.

Please donate $5.50 in US, $8.50 overseas,  + $1 for our maintancne if you want. Snail mail a check or money order to:

Aaron Grote
217 E 1100 N Rd
Cerro Gordo, IL 61818

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We were going to patent out own news site but upon further research, cheap so called news site is available everywhere so we decided that we couldn’t fill any particular niche in the marketplace.